5 Ways To Maintain A Relaxed And Mindful Attitude While Travelling

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5 ways to maintain a relaxed and mindful attitude while traveling

Exploring new destination and travelling in general can be fun, but you must already know this process also takes a toll on the body. Yes, travel can appear an exciting time to step away from a stressful life in the city but duration of flight, cramped coaches, city buses, and sitting inside a small tube often ensure it will still be more exhausting than you expected. Truth is, it takes effort to fully embrace the essence of travel as your physical body and mind need to relax in order to stay in an ideal condition to enjoy any journey.

That said it’s not entirely impossible to do this when you travel and here are five ways which can help you maintain a relaxed and mindful attitude while travelling:

1. Practice yoga or meditation anywhere, anytime

Yoga and meditation greatly affects not only the mind but also your disposition and physical body. It decreases muscle stiffness, puts your mind at ease and relieves you of unwanted thoughts and worries. Yoga and meditation also improves your concentration and memory so you are likely to remember every moment you have experienced during a trip.

You obviously know the best part about yoga or meditation when you travel – you can do it anywhere. Allocating twenty minutes of your time in the morning is usually enough if you are too tired during night time, or you can actually do this in the middle of a trip as all you need to do is find a quiet spot, a park for example, and close your eyes.

2. Rest between activities

While the aim when travelling should be to rest and regain your strength, going on a trip itself can be quite exhausting. Planning an itinerary or seeking help from agencies to help you plan it is a good way to organize your day to day activities but you must keep in mind how there is no need to cram everything into a single day. Instead, determine how many days you will be staying in a particular city or place and allocate enough time to each activity with enough space to rest in between. Feeling energized is essential to enjoy any of these activities in the first place and unless you wish burn out, it’s usually best to minimize the number of activities and allow for more space in between to rest.

3.Manage your expectations or at least keep them in check

Being able to adapt in any particular place is an important aspect especially when it’s your first time. In this sense, knowing and keeping your expectations in check will help you enjoy more of your trip as this will obviously reduce the likelihood of disappointment should anything negative happen along the way. Learning to embrace the local culture and traditions is something you can learn to do and while this will also make the trop more enjoyable, it will also expose you to even more new experiences.

It’s always nice to remember that every destination was built with the locals in mind, and not the tourist – it would simply be rude to expect otherwise.

4. Eat healthy and drink water with electrolytes

There is nothing more effective to stay in shape when you travel and opting for a healthy diet with an emphasis on hydration will greatly increase the enjoyment of any trip. Keep in mind how drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day will not suffice in a humid and hot destination and it is always best to have some electrolytes on hand to boost your water intake. Keeping a water bottle in your carry-on bag will save you from dehydration but choosing the right foods is also important as there is nothing worse than feeling lethargic at the beginning of a long day in a new destination.

5. Plan adequately and know your decisions

In a world overflowing with decisions and choice, there has never been more need for the simple life. In this regard, it’s best to plan adequately and avoid leaving too many decisions for when you arrive. As mentioned previously, a carefully planned itinerary saves you the hassle and stress of figuring out what to do next. Adequate trip planning and preparation is the key to a worthwhile travelling experience and will ensure you do not miss out on what you want to see.

Choose centrally located accommodation, know how and where to use local transport, research the nicest places to eat, the best times to visit certain attractions and what to avoid when you visit any particular destination. Knowing all of the above will allow you to relax when you get there while giving you less to worry about and more time to enjoy the trip itself.

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